Urban Thinkers

Delft University of Technology


This will be a 3-day workshop led by the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the TU Delft, Delft Global Initiative and the Global Urban Lab in which stakeholders will discuss the 5 issues of development related to the New Urban Agenda mentioned above).

1. PLENARY SESSION: The UTC will start off with lectures in which stakeholders/ lecturers will explore the issues listed and how they connect to the NUA and to its implementation, with a focus on local level implementation.

2. PARTNER GROUP SESSION: The second step will involve a discussion on the curricula of the institutions involved in the workshop, to assess how much of the issues in the NUA are already being tackled, followed by ROUNDTABLES on teaching practices across different fields (planning, design, management).

3. The UTC will follow with a PARTNER GROUP SESSION with the mock design of mock alternative teaching programmes in which trans-disciplinarity is key

4. ROUNDTABLES: Competing programmes will be discussed and assessed by representatives from the institutions involved and there will be a feed session.

5. PLENARY SESSION: The workshop carries on with mock programmes being presented and discussed in detail by stakeholders and hopefully by a representative from the World Urban Campaign.

6. WORKSHOP: An overall mock programme is designed and key bibliography is assembled by a core group of teachers from the different institutions

7. The workshop carries on with discussion of methodologies, practices and bibliography related to the learning goals established in the previous steps, as well as ways to evaluate them

8. ACTION PLAN: Stakeholders agree on a plan of action for implementation of suggestions and feed back

9. PLENARY: A closing session presents results and announces next steps, including the compilation of a report and a website.