Seminar - Why Should I trust you?

TU Delft / BK Bouwkunde / Berlage Room


Professors, students and researchers, but also NGOs and public officials, usually work and engage with local communities in order to develop knowledge or carry out studies, plans and public interventions. Nevertheless, many of these processes are often interrupted, don’t have tangible short-term outcomes or their products are not accessible to local communities. This sort of situations undermines the trust people put in academia, civil organizations and public administration.

The next time another researcher or public servant approaches a local community, people will likely think it twice before giving their own time and effort. The main objective of this Global Urban Lab Seminar is to discuss how can we engage into processes with local communities that benefit both parts and foster further positive collaborations. Among different cases, we would like to critically observe exchanges and collaborations between universities in the North and communities in the South.

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