African Perspectives

Delft University of Technology


TU Delft will become a centre of excellence for research and education related to African urbanisation and architecture with in the next 3-8 years.

This is because we wish to have a positive impact on African’s rapid urbanisation in the next years. Africa is urbanising at record rates. According to the World Bank, Africa’s urban population stands at 472 million people today, but this number will double over the next 25 years, reaching 1 billion urban dwellers by 2040[1].

While the main responsibility for the destiny of African cities lies with African citizens, governments and institutions, we believe that universities everywhere have a role to play in helping educate the next generation of African architects, planners and urban designers with a global perspective.

We wish to reach out to African higher education institutes, governments, businesses and citizens to become partners in promoting sustainable, inclusive and fair urbanisation.

We believe African problems need African solutions, but TU Delft wants to learn from African institutions and people. We believe we can have a role in providing world-class education and training for African students and academics in partnership with local institutions, governments and businesses. For this reason, the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment is launching the A is for AFRICA initiative at BK, in which research, education and cooperation come together under one umbrella. This initiative articulates endeavours in three areas (research, education and cooperation) in order to maximise TU Delft’s positive impact in African Urbanisation.